What to Expect for Kid’s Parties


Check in: Please check in at the office on the second floor of the building (most parents come 15-20 minutes before the start of their party).  Bring all food, beverages, cake, and other party items to the office. Our office staff will bring everything into the party room when it’s available.

Things you need to provide: We provide compostable tableware including cups, plates, napkins, and utensils. You will be expected to provide anything else you might need including but not limited to: food, beverages, candles, matches, serving dishes and utensils, and a cake knife. Please note that alcohol is not to be present or consumed at AcroSports.

Food Delivery:  We recommend having your food delivered 15-20 minutes before you head into the party room. We generally recommend ordering pizza from Cybelle’s Front Room on 9th Ave. Cybelle’s frequently delivers to our parties and knows exactly where to drop the food off. If you are ordering food from elsewhere, please have them deliver it to the office on our second floor.

Where to meet your guests: All of your guests will be directed to meet in the grandstands on the third floor of the building - they should enter through the double glass doors on the second level of our gym. They can sign our waiver online ahead of time here.

Starting the party: Our party coaches will greet your party in the grandstands and lead your guests to the main floor of the gym at the appropriate time. After a brief orientation and safety speech, guests will enjoy free play on the gym floor which will include your chosen party features.  

Play time:  Free play will last for 1 hour and 15 minutes (1 hour for our “Basic” package).  Your selected party feature (zipline, trampoline, or an AcroWarrior obstacle course) will be offered during free play. As play time comes to a close, our coaches will gather your guests for a final “Happy Birthday” on the floor.  They will then direct your guests to the party room located on the third floor of the building.

Cake Time: Depending on your party package, you will have 40 or 45 minutes to enjoy your food in the party room. The party room offers a refrigerator, two dining tables (each 8’ long) and a serving table. All of our tables are covered in colorful oilcloth tablecloths. There is a sink and tap in the room and a bathroom located just across the hallway. When you're in the party room, the time is yours - our front desk staff will help set up the tables and things you bring, but food prep and serving are not included.

Please note that our party room is on the smaller side and with limited time, your party will go by very quickly. Because of this, we generally recommend limiting decorations and set up. The less you have, the smoother your party will go.

Dine and Dash: Our friendly office staff will notify you when you are ten minutes from the end of your time in the party room. Once your time in the room completes, we will take care of cleaning up so that you can grab your stuff and go.



Where to park: Street parking is typically your best option. Parking is also available at the Kezar Lot, entrance on Stanyan at Beulah; or at UCSF Millberry Union Public Garage, Irving at 3rd Avenue.

Where to meet your hosts: Enter into the building through our double glass doors on the second level.  Go into our office if you need to sign our waiver, or head up to our third floor to meet your hosts and other guests.

Who to bring: Please keep in mind that we have strict limits for our guest counts, so check in with your party hosts to see if siblings can or cannot be accommodated. 

Sign our waiver: If you haven't signed our waiver online, head into the office to sign a waiver for all participating guests.  You don’t need to sign our waiver if you’ve done so within the past year, or if you’re a current student with us.

What to wear: Guests should wear appropriate gym attire: leggings and t-shirts, leotards, or sweatpants. Children wearing dresses or skirts should also wear leggings or footless tights. Guests will be taking off their socks and shoes.

For further queries, please send an email to info@acrosports.org

*Please note that our building is not currently wheelchair accessible, as we are a historic building (2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design