AcroSports' Youth Skill-a-thon!

Ready, Set, Go!

AcroSports is putting on a fundraiser to benefit our Tuition Assistance Program, a program that helps 100 low income families each session access our programming that otherwise might not be able to.  This fundraiser will take place during Youth students' regularly scheduled classes the week of May 14-20. This is a fun and rewarding fundraiser!


Each student has 1 minute to do as many of the skills listed below as they can. Students will get sponsors who will donate money per skill they perform, or a flat fee. Their coach will mark their sheet with the number of skills they complete and students will collect monies to donate to AcroSports, and return it to receive their prizes. Donations can be made below via our secure payments page.


Youth Tumbling & Gymnastics:  Forward Roll or Cartwheel

Youth Aerial: Straddle Up or Climb

Youth Parkour: Shoulder Roll or Kong


$1 - $20 -  AcroSports color changing pencil

$21 - $75 - AcroSports water bottle

$76 - $150 - AcroSports shirt

$151 - $200 -  AcroSports leotard or sweater