Week 3: Rolling



So, Tine is in charge of organizing and gathering YOUR preschool staff bios for AcroSports.org. So please let her know what you want the world to know about YOU.

At the moment, there isn’t a deadline, BUT please let Tine know if you would rather schedule a quick 10-minute interview with her (so she can write it for you) OR you can email her your bio to tinejoy@acrosports.org and in the SUBJ: write, “ATTN: Preschool Bio”  

If you have it readily available, please go ahead and email it ASAP. Also, if you have good headshot of yourself, please send that as well. Or, we’ll take one for you.


Things to Keep in Mind...

  1. Write in THIRD PERSON

  2. Tell Us a little bit about yourself in 150 words or less…


Questions To Think About

  • Tell me a little bit about yourself… POSITION @ Acro

  • What is your area of expertise?

  • How many years/months/days have you been with Acro? Or how many years teaching/training in general?

  • Degrees? Credentials? Schooling? Training?

  • Which Acro programs do you work in?

  • What is your favorite ACRO/DANCE/PARKOUR/AERIAL Movement? Or favorite coach tip for your students?

  • What are some of the things you are passionate about?

  • Is there anything specific that you want people to know about you?


i.e. Sample Bio:

WC: 138


Tine Ferrer, Preschool Coordinator


Christine Joy Ferrer (AKA Coach TINE, pronounced "TEEN") is the AcroSports preschool coordinator and has been a coach at AcroSports since 2010. Tine is a cultural movement arts practitioner/educator by morning and a freelance multi-media creative by night who grew up in San Francisco’s Lakeview district. She delivers solutions for community organizations and individuals acting for the greater good. She is a member of Parangal, a Philippine folkloric dance company based in San Francisco. And for the last several years, Tine has focused primarily on Philippine, Afro-Brazilian and Afro-Haitian Folkloric dance. She graduated from SF State with a B.A. Dual Degree in Journalism and Dance, emphasis on magazine and dance teaching. To learn more about her, or *inserting shameless plug here* could possibly be in-need of her graphic and web design services, please visit eomvmnt.org.

What is your favorite Acro Movement? Handstand walking!

Week 3:  Rolling

Goal: To learn how to safely roll with proper technique, head tucked in and a strong finish. If students are struggling with their forward rolls and stalling on their head have the student hold a bean bag under their chin while they try the roll. Try the same bean bag technique for advanced students trying backwards rolls.



  • Running & Jumping

  • Egg Rolls

  • Log Rolls

  • Rockin' Rolls in Tuck, Straddle, Pike

  • Kaboom Rolls

  • Spaghetti & meatballs (on back, stretch & tuck)

  • Plank turns (front to back, straight tight body)

  • Bear/crab turns

  • Candle Stick Rolls



  • Log Rolls, Egg Rolls, Straddle Rolls, Fwd & Bwd Rolls (down cheese mat).

  • Kaboom Rolls (start in tuck, roll to side and straddle arms & legs on back, roll over to tuck)

  • Jump off of block into safety roll

  • Forward roll down a cheese mat. If that is easy, try rolling up the cheese mat.

  • Forward or egg roll down cheese on tumbltrak (remove cheese mat for running Tiny Tots!! )

Tiny Tots

  • Start with “The Wheels on The Bus”

  • Rock n Roll with kids in the lap of parents, back and forth and side to side.

  • Dance Party: STOP, DROP, and ROLL

  • Tummy Time: Log Roll



  • Candle Stick Rolls

  • Forward and Backward Rolls

  • Safety Roll off of different heights

  • Dive Rolls



  • Candle Stick Rolls

  • Hollow Body Rocks

  • Floor: Backward Rolls

Introduce Handstands: Lunge, T- Hold, Needle Kick

  • Beam: Tuck and V-sit, F/S/B walks, Bear Walks, Ice Cream Scoops

  • Bars: Front Support Forward Roll, Spin-The-Cat, Pull Over using wall to assist


Tiny Tots

  • Ants Go Marching One By One

  • Spaghetti & meatballs (on back, stretch & tuck)

  • Head-Shoulders-Knees-and-Toes

  • Log roll

  • Egg roll

  • Forward roll

  • Rockin' Rolls in Tuck, Straddle, Pike


Advanced Skills

  • Forward roll stand up without hands

  • Straddle roll

  • Backward roll down the cheese mat

  • Spin-The-Cat

THIS IS A LONG ONE - Get ready!


This week, please remember to:

  • Finish sending out parent emails if you have not already.

  • Check the master roll binder for new and dropped students. If a student comes to class who is not on your roll sheet please send the parent to the office to see where the miscommunication happens.

  • Classes with less than 2 students will be closed by the end of the week. If your class is canceled I will assign you other work around the gym.

  • Positive reinforcement is your best friend. Praise students for their good behavior.

Also, parents will be receiving emails this week regarding the 25th anniversary celebration week and Make-A-Circus. Hype it up in your classes!!! If YOU or any of your students/parents have any questions regarding Make-A-Circus, ask Erin!

FYI, if you need a SUB here is the link to the staff contact list if you didn’t already have it: Acro Staff Contact List

AND WELCOME Bissie Barzakov! She is our newest preschool coach who will be working on Sundays! Bistra goes by “Bissie.” She worked with kids for about 9 years. She works in an elementary school as a student advisor in addition to coaching at AcroSports. Her love for moving started at a young age when her mother put her and her twin sister into gymnastics. As a young child she competed in an AllStar team and traveled around the country. She learned how to dance, tumble and throw friends high in the air. And, of course, catch them. Coming from this background, she hopes to inspire students to enjoy the bliss of dancing and tumbling through the air.


Week 2: Safety Landings & Safety Falls


Goal:  To learn how to fall from out of balance positions and land with proper landing technique (knees bent no more than 90 degrees, flat feet, arms up, and ready hands) and to learn recovery techniques for bigger falls (jump with a forward, backward or side roll).


  • Run and Stop! Practice running and freezing or dancing and freezing.

  • Run and crash!!  (Choose your location wisely: tumble track to pit and dance floor to crash mat are optimal).

  • Jump to freeze off different levels:  Stick the landing!!

  • Jump to roll from different levels (start from the floor and work up)


  • Lots of safety jumps from different heights.

  • Try sideways, backwards, and forwards jumps into safety land.

    • TIP:  If children are landing with knees bent past 90 degrees it might be because the surface they're jumping from is too high!

  • Island Hopping:  jump between a series of mats, hula hoops, or carpet squares at varied distances.

  • Make a game of falling from different apparatus (low beams, bars, rings, or trapeze) and backward on trampoline.  Landing into a shoulder or side roll for forward & side jumps, backward into a rockin' roll with arms overhead. Emphasize how the elbow joint flexes and why not to reach behind with hands when falling.

  • Trapeze:  Place a panel mat on the mats below for 2 foot landings.

Tiny Tots

  • Start with walking in a circle….. and now it’s time to stop (continue with running and jumping)! Emphasize the safety land position when you stop.

  • Practice bouncing knees up and down in the safety land position.

  • Please remind parents: When jumping off a block spotter should stand in front of jumper and hold both hands to encourage children to bend both legs and jump off both feet.

  • If student is struggling with jumping, practice bouncing knees at the edge of the block before take off or try jumping off a lower surface.

Jr. Parkour

  • Review the importance of landing on your feet!

  • Jump to safety land & jump to safety roll from multiple heights.

  • Precision jump challenge! Set kids up on a stationary line, have kids jump as far as they can. Mark their landing spot with chalk and challenge them to jump farther than the chalked line.

  • Review how to safely mount and dismount the balance beam.

  • Bounce backs.


  • Vault: teach students how to punch the springboard and stick the landing.

  • Review how to safely mount and dismount the balance beam.


  • Teamwork: taking turns, making a train, staying together.

  • Run and crash onto big mat

  • Jump off block into safety roll.  Be sure feet land before knees!! The bigger and sillier your pratfall in the demo , the better to inspire kids to get into it!


Coaches need to email your classes to introduce yourself. Please do so by 4/13. There is a template email in Jackrabbit (our registration system) that you will fill out and send to families. Below are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Log into Jackrabbit

  2. Click on the "Classes" tab at the top to find your class and click on it.

  3. Click the "Email Class" option button on the top left

  4. Select the "Beginning of Session Coach Email" template in the Template drop-down menu.

  5. Edit the email with your information.

  6. Choose riana@acrosports.org as the "reply to" email, but include YOUR email in the body of the text.

  7. Include this time in your timecard under the 1600/1600 code with a note stating you emailed families via Jackrabbit.


Please Note: If you co-coach a class, only one coach needs to email families, but please introduce each coach in the message.


Take attendance at every class! It is very important that you are accurately and consistently taking attendance, as AcroSports needs these records for safety and legal reasons.

Attendance sheets live in your folders/binders, so please make sure you return your folder/binder back to the shelf before you leave the gym. While we are always happy to print you out a new attendance sheet when needed, your old sheets contain important records for student attendance that we need.


Beginning next week, please make sure to check the Master Binder before class to update your attendance sheets. The front office will continue to make enrollment edits in the Master Binder throughout the session, so please remember to check this binder at the start of every shift. It is located under the rotations schedule on the main floor.

If someone shows up for your class and they are not on your list, kindly send them to the office to check on their enrollment with the front desk.

Please take note of "Trial" students on your list. These students are trying out the program to determine if they want to enroll in that class. Please remind them that they need to confirm their enrollment with the office by the end of the day.

You may need to remove some students and add others on your attendance lists. It is super important that we get your help with this as the office relies on you as part of the system for guaranteeing that folks are enrolled in the right spaces!


Please refer to and follow the rotation schedule for your class! The rotations live on the bulletin board in the gym just outside of the office. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about the rotations. As a reminder, Youth classes will alternate between A & B rotations.


Spring Session: 4/2 - 4/10

All Staff Meeting: 4/4 (6:30-8:00pm)

25th Anniversary Celebration Week: 5/14 - 5/20

Lastly, please remember that reading and responding to emails is a requirement for all coaches at AcroSports! If you made it to the bottom of this email, please add 15 minutes to your timesheet and include your favorite vegetable in the notes section.

PreK Weekly Themes

Each week, all preschool classes utilize our weekly themes as the backbone of our curriculum. While classes still focus on building the skills off of our skill sheets each week, weekly themes give us class direction and motif.

It’s up to the coach to decide what is appropriate for each class, and use the weekly themes as inspiration for learning. It is not required that coaches follow the curriculum word for word, but use it as a tool to improve the class experience. The obstacle course, circle time, and flow of the class should reflect the weekly theme.

Themes begin on the Monday of each week and run through Sunday.


Week 1: Orientation

Goal:  Teach basic class management (communicate your expectations clearly to your students and their guardians).

  • making a train

  • staying with the group

  • getting into a circle for circle time

  • following an obstacle course

  • familiarize students with gym equipment

If you have a class that is mostly returning students, then use this week as a time to review skills.  


Tootsie Rollers/ Tumblers/ TumbleCircus// Jr. Parkour/AcroFitness     **10-15 minute warm-up

  • Name Game (ie, in Butterfly)

  • Basic positions (tuck, straddle, pike, seal, bear)

  • Freeze in safety landing position

  • Hold hands to balance on one foot together

  • Ring Around the Rosie or Motorboat song

  • Equipment name game: “Where is the….(trapeze, cheese mat, parallel bars, etc.)


Songs & Games

  • Freeze dance and see if students can freeze in landing position on command.

  • Follow the Leader

  • Jumping in and freeze on trampoline


Obstacle Course

  • Simple and easy obstacle course

  • Island hopping or stepping stones

  • Hot lava game (don't touch floor)

  • Bell hang on minibar

  • Bear walk on parallel bars

  • Monkey Jump on red hand block

  • Forward Roll down cheese mat

  • Safety jump/land off block or trapeze


Jr. Parkour

  • Safety landing

  • Safety rolls

  • Hot lava game



  • Review body shapes (ex: tuck, straddle, pike, arch, hollow)

  • Floor: candlestick rolls, forward rolls, straddle rolls, backward rolls

  • Beam: safety land on low beam, front support on high beam, mounting and dismounting high beam.

  • Bars: front support, introduce over and under grip, chin hang


Tiny Tots

**Downstairs Orientation :

  • Be sure to introduce yourself to all the parents and go over safety rules and your expectations.  

  • Overview of class structure

  • Parent/guardian 5-foot distance from child at all times

  • Equipment that is off limits (high beams, above yellow letters on rock wall)

  • Trampoline rules (adult standing at open side, jump one at a time, everyone off at circle time)

  • TumblTrak and foam pit (one way street toward foam pit, one at a time in foam pit)

  • Emphasize importance of waiting on benches or toy area until class starts and going straight to lockers after stamp time.

  • Sorry parents/siblings…equipment is for registered students only


**Circle Time

  • Establish circle time song that informs all parents/children where they should be; such as "Walking in a Circle", "Wheels on the Bus", "Ring-around-the –rosy", or Parachute

  • Head-Shoulders-Knees and Toes

  • Butterfly Stretch and song

  • Rockin' Roll

  • Straddle with "Itsy Bitsy Spider" or ABC song


  • Teaching parents how to spot their children on our equipment is one of the most important goals of this class.

  • Jumping: hands in front, 2-ft take off, parents hold both hands or offer arm for kids to reach for with both hands, emphasize "down…UP!" and "bouncy knees" to help beginner jumpers get off the ground

  • Trampoline:  Freeze and jump in the center; learning to take turns

  • Balance beam: show parents how to spot on low beams  (spot the hips or hold hands)

  • Climbing wall:  Spot from below holding child's heels, guiding to next rung as needed.

  • Remind adults that children will lean their weight into whatever support is given, so that holding them by the torso counteracts what they need to teach.

  • Parallel bars: Hold child up with one hand under the stomach, use other hand to guide hands and feet in bear walk

  • Forward roll:  Don't start roll until the head is lower than the hips.  Tuck head under with one hand and tip hips forward with the other.  Watch for the "neck reflex" in the youngest children. They will arch their head back when it gets lower than the hips.  This is a normal reflex that wears off over time. Children with a noticeable neck reflex are not ready for forward rolls until they grow out of it. Encourage parents to play peekaboo games at home where the child has to look between their legs.

  • Standing Bar:  Don't start child on the bar if s/he cannot touch the ground.  Use the mat to get to the right height. Let child control lifting his legs at first to make sure shoulders and arms are engaged. Spot under the hips to curl  all the way up to bell hang. Be ready to catch child if s/he lets go.

  • TumblTrak:  One way street!  Space children apart just enough to avoid a bottleneck (more than one can jump at the same time).  Parents can hold one hand and walk beside, on the ground. Encourage 2-foot jumping.

  • Pit:  One at a time.


Week 12: Fun Week!

1. PreK Staff Schedules are updated on WhenIWork. Please look over your schedule and contact Erin if anything looks out of the ordinary.

2. Reminder: No PreK or Youth classes the week of March 26-1st. Enjoy your Spring Break!!

3. New rotations for Fun Week!

This week is Fun! but it is only free play for the kids.  Coaches must remain hyper- vigilant and keep scanning the room to supervise all the children.  If the kids get hyped up and running fast, that's when accidents can happen. Find ways to engage them in activities that absorb some of that energy.

Remember:  Use the winch as little as possible when using the bungee!  This means Tiny Tots must be lifted into the bungee swing and kept at a low level. You can get the parents to do the lifting.  You can use the winch for Tootsies. If you use the bungee in the afternoon, it is up to you to make sure the green swing is put away completely at the end of your shift.  When untrained coaches try to get it out of the way, serious problems can happen.

Tumblers should use zipline instead of bungee.  Ask for a parent volunteer to unbuckle the belt at the bottom.  Check new Fun Week rotations before class! Due to high traffic in the gym the bungee and zipline get put away at 4pm.



Upstairs:  giant obstacle course with trapeze, raised balance beam, etc. Bungee boat on west side, area marked by cones.  Leave space between bungee & obstacle course for warm-up.


Downstairs:  Mat mountain, rope swing, etc.



  • 1st 30 minutes:  Tumblers do a short warm-up and then go through the obstacle course.  After about 15-20 min. give zipline rides. Tootsies use bungee boat after a short warm-up.  They can follow tumblers through obstacle course after the ride. No bungee use after 4pm. Earlier pm TR & TT classes can use bungee.  When zipline rides finish, Tumblers can have free play upstairs if there are enough coaches, otherwise have your Tumblers come back up to the bleachers. Tiny Tots extra free play Downstairs & Circle Time (no obstacle course for double section classes to give time for everyone to get bungee rides).  Parachute can be used for circle time.

  • 2nd 20-25 minutes: Tootsies & Tumblers free-play Downstairs. Tiny Tots—free play & bungee rides upstairs.  Acrofitness classes will join Tumblers for zipline use with one coach at each station. If there isn't a second coach on the floor, students must wait after their ride at the bottom of the zipline with the parent volunteer.

Week 11: Teamwork


  • Row Row Row Your Boat

  • Partner sache holding hands

  • Partner log rolls holding hands

  • Wheelbarrow  

  • Partner Balances:  forward scale, toes together counterbalance, back-to-back sit & stand up.

  • Elbow swing w/partner or hold hands & spin in circle

  • Patty-cake or other partner clapping game

  • Tumbler classes can learn pyramids


  • Create one big obstacle course for students to roll barrels on. Work together to push different size barrels around obstacle course.

  • At the end of the obstacle course put hands together and shout TEAMWORK!!

  • Students do the obstacle course after teamwork with the barrel.


  • Parallel obstacle course for partners (double cheese, tramp, monkey jump etc.)

  • Dual balance-masters


Advanced Skills:  Wheelbarrows, Pyramids, Cartwheels


Teamwork Games

  • Work together to push the barrel mats or the big ball through an obstacle course.

  • Bucket Brigade:  Toss beanbag one to the next in a line, last person tosses beanbag in upside down mushroom or shape in tunnel and runs to beginning to start next beanbag.  Variations: pass overhead, under legs, add spin, etc.

  • Human Knot:  hold hands in a circle and wind in & out into knot, then try to unwind without letting go.

  • London Bridge.

  • Leap Frog

  • Catch: pass beanbags or balls with partner

  • Work together to push big crash mat over

Tiny Tots

  • Baby acrobatics with parent/guardian

  • Baby backflip

  • Row row row your boat

  • Parachute

Week 10: Hand-Eye Coordination

Erin is searching for a Saturday and Sunday morning coach. 

Move Ups: Send Erin the first and last names of students who are ready to move up to the next level. 

Coaching Opportunities: AcroSports will be hosting a Pre-K Open House every 2nd Saturday of the month beginning March 10th from 3-5pm. I am searching for staff who are interested in helping supervise the next couple events.


  • Scarves:  Use underhand throw.  Catch with 2 hands or opposite hand

  • Balls:  Sit in straddle and roll to each other.

  • Bounce pass standing

  • Jump & Clap

  • Hoops:  Roll hoop and try to catch or run through

  • Play catch with bean bags or balls (Bounce catch/ Toss & catch balls)


  • Use Props!

  • Use  ball as a station.  Bounce and catch; also can bounce ball on a ring

  • Jumping catches: catch beanbag while jumping on tumbltrak into foam pit.

  • Doughnut Hole:  Throw beanbags through doughnut mat.  Underhand and overhand throws.

  • Tumbltrak:  Tumblers can catch and throw while jumping (use medic  ball).  

  • Rings and balls in bucket:  overturn a mushroom and throw rings and balls into it from big block.

  • Place rings high in Russian bars. Kids climb up grab rings and place them on same color cone.

  • Beam:  Pick up scarves and juggle.

Advance Skills

  • Juggling scarves

  • Juggling bean bags

Tiny Tots

Circle Time:  

  • Use scarves!!  They can be blankets, washcloths, veils, stretching aids, etc.  Ball up in lap for tuck & pike surprise.

  • Song:  Skip to my Lou (throw and catch scarf on the line “lost my partner, what’ll I do”)

  • Chase rings or hoops upstairs:  Roll them down incline mats for kids to chase.

  • Catch beanbags:  Parent can help them hold both arms out in front of their chests to make a “basket” for you to aim into.

**Please remember to return all props to equipment bins after use.  If your tiny tots remove props from stations, please put them back afterwards.**

Week 9  Opposites

A good way to review skills is to teach concepts and allow kids to creatively answer questions like:

  • What can you do backwards/forwards … (or other opposite pair)?

  • How can you do that faster/slower….?

  • How high/low can you go?


  • Play with opposites:  backwards/forwards, up/down, tall/short, right/left, moving/still, fast/slow, big/little, wide/narrow, hollow/arch.  Use body shapes  (eg. tiptoes/squat) and locomotive movements (eg. baby steps/giant steps).

  • Have kids run on the tumbltrak and jump to touch a noodle or jump over a noodle you are holding into the foam pit.  


  • Over & Under:  bear walk over parallettes or bear walk under, front support ontop of bar or bell hang under bar

  • Large & small blocks for jumping

  • High & Low: Climb Russian bars at different heights to cross sideways.

  • Long/Short jumps between carpet squares

  • In & Out of donut

  • Upside down/right side up:  handstands against wall, donkey kicks

  • Build a mountain cave/tunnel for under and over:  2 big spotting block with 2 panel mats as a roof

Tiny Tots

Circle Time:

  • “Wheels On the Bus”

  • “The Ants Go Marching”

  • “Row row your boat” (straddle facing each other holding hands leaning back and forth)

Advanced Skills   

  • Bell hang on trapeze

  • Donkey Kick to handstand

  • Lever into monkey jump or handstand                   


  • Red light/Green light

  • Freeze Dance