Your spring session tuition covers enrollment in one Celebration Week event!

1. Make-A-Circus

Gives PreK children an opportunity to learn the process of act creation and perform in a show for their family and friends. 


Tiny Tots I





Tiny Tots II





Tootsie Rollers





Peter's Place Tootsie Rollers






Peter's Place Tumblers

Tree House Tumblers

Tumble Dance



Jr. Parkour



Acro Fitness

2. Pre-K Open Gym

Gives PreK children the opportunity for free exploration or guided activities with instructors. 

3. Toddler Playgroup

Tuesday and Thursday at 12:00 PM

4. Options available to all students

Performance tickets

FAQ: PreSchool Anniversary Events

Q: When is celebration week for AcroSports' 25th Anniversary? What’s Happening?

A:  No regularly scheduled classes will be held the week of  May 14th - 20th

  • Students can register (using their free ticket) for either Make-A-Circus or Open Gym
    May 14 - 17, Monday - Thursday

  • Family and friends are invited to attend their child’s mini-circus performance. They should arrive 15 minutes before the end of the hour.

  • Classes regularly scheduled on Friday, Saturday and Sunday classes can join Make-A-Circus or Open Gym


Q: Do I have to register my kid for Make-A-Circus if he/she is already enrolled in a class?

A: Yes, all students must pre-register through our parent portal or front desk to participate in Make-A-Circus or Open Gym.


Q: Can students register for Make-A-Circus and Open Gym? Or participate more than once?

A: Each student is allocated one entry ticket per class they attend - these work for one event.


Q: How do I register and find out about the schedule?

A: You have been emailed a link or you can register through the links above.


Q: What is Make-A-Circus and when is it?

A: Monday - Thursday (May 14 - 17) weekday mornings, from 9 AM - 12 noon*, every hour, students can take part in a Make-A-Circus kids performance workshop!

*Afternoon Make-A-Circus: Thursday, May 17


Q: When is their performance?

A: During the last 10 minutes of the workshop, pre-k students will perform in a mini-circus show for their family and friends.


Q: What happens during Open Gym?

A: On Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, students are invited to participate from 3:30-5:30pm in an Open Gym session with guided activities and free exploration with instructor.


Q: What should students wear?

A: Still to be announced.


Q: When should family and friends of the performers arrive?

A: 15 minutes before the end of class - they will not need to purchase a ticket.


Q: When do we have to pre-register for Make-A-Circus or Open Gym?

A: Registration is open!

Q: Can I register the day of?

A: No. In order to participate in these events, students MUST pre-register for Make-a-Circus or Open Gym. In order for the event be the best possible experience for everyone, we cannot accommodate students who do not pre-register.


Q: What happens if students can't make it to Make-A-Circus or Open Gym?

A: They have the option of using their ticket to be an audience member for either the Youth Arts Showcase or Circus Lab Show. These shows are great experience for our little ones to see what they'll be able to accomplish as they continue with us at AcroSports!  If they aren't able to attend these shows, we will extend one extra make-up to use during the Spring Session.


Q: When is the AcroSports Anniversary Gala? Is there a cost to attend?

A: Tickets for our 25th Anniversary Gala: A Roaring 20's Extravaganza (May 18th and 19th), are officially on sale!  You can purchase tickets here.