Preschool Program

Ages 10 months - 5 years

Fall Session

September 3rd - December 22nd

Fall Schedule is subject to change

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AcroSports is a unique space designed to inspire play and empowerment through non-competitive movement.  Students are encouraged to be themselves in a colorful, creative and stimulating space. Our coaches help students crawl, swing, jump, bounce, and roll through a variety of apparatus as they learn to move gracefully and discover their own bodies.

At AcroSports, our mission is to cultivate a community with diverse possibilities in which every child can discover their own unique strengths, values and purpose while recognizing the right of others to the same opportunity. We seek to create confident, caring learners with each child. 

Children aged 10 months to 5 years can run, climb, crawl, swing, and explore their way through our multi-level gymnasium filled with safe and fun equipment. Students can crawl through an interactive LED tunnel, swing in hammocks, and tumble their way through an obstacle course. Each fun and playful lesson builds physical skills required for gymnastics, circus, dance, and creative movement.  Preschool gymnastic classes are based on developmentally appropriate progressions that teach fundamental skills for body awareness and strength.  

Experienced and energetic coaches give individual attention to each child and assure a safe play area. AcroSports is a member of USA Gymnastics and all of our coaches are certified in CPR, First Aid and compassionate communication.

Drop-in fees for Pre-K classes are $23

Classes for ages 10 to 17 months


Toddlers Playgroup

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12-1pm

Ages 10-17 Months
Our Toddlers Playgroup is where young children can crawl, climb, creep, scoot, swing and slide on our big mats and tunnels. Our Toddler Playgroups are a parent-participation class that facilitates unstructured playtime with opportunities for lots of social interaction for children and adults. Drop-in to the class of your choice, registration is not required.

Create an account and purchase one of our passes and attend Toddler Playgroup for $5!
3 Class Pass - $15
5 Class Pass - $25

11 Class Pass - $50 (Get 1 Pass FREE!)

Please make an account before arriving if you would like to purchase multiple passes

Classes for ages 18 to 36 months


Children build physical and social skills through self-directed play, circle time and guided instruction through our preschool obstacle courses. The class follows a movement based curriculum that focuses on spatial, directional and body awareness on rings, swings, trampoline, trapeze, ladders, tunnels, minibars and vaulting blocks.


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Ages 18-36 mo.

Parent participation class, includes structured play, gross motor and social skills, circle time, and games. 
Please note: one adult/child required



Ages 2 - 3 years Prepares students to find more independence in the gym, with parents' helping hands they'll find more structure than Tiny Tots I, while still focusing on free exploration. It's recommended to take Tiny Tots I first. 

Please note: one adult/child required

Classes for ages 3+



3 years only

Children build strength, coordination, flexibility, and balance as they make their way through our obstacle courses. Friendly, knowledgeable coaches provide a cohesive structured class that provides for safe, fun learning. The curriculum focuses on basic gymnastic positions, directional movement, and body awareness. Parents observe class from wait ing areas.


3.5 - 5 years

This class combines gymnastics with creative movement and dance. Children learn dance positions and gymnastic skills in warm-ups and on obstacle courses, then use them on the dance floor. The curriculum for this class focuses on spatial and body awareness, coordination, agility, and imaginative self-expression through movement.

Classes for ages 4+


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Age 4 to 5

Children build strength, agility and social skills and get a great workout in this high energy class. Using rings, swings, trampoline, trapeze, and obstacle courses, they explore new physical challenges and increase their confidence and self-esteem. The class includes warm-ups and stretching, gymnastics skill instruction, and group games.



Tumble Circus

Ages 4.5 - 6

A performance focused class for 4-6 year olds where students will work together to learn the basics of act creation. Acts will include clowning, object manipulation, and acrobatics. Students are required to perform in our Youth Arts Showcase on 5/13/17.

youth Breakdance.jpg


Ages 4 - 6

In this intro to capoeira class, students will learn the basics of this African Brazilian art form. Exploring the martial arts, acrobatics, and dance elements of this practice.


Age 5

This co-ed class provides an introduction to beginning gymnastics for children who are ready to move up from our preschool obstacle courses to full-size gymnastics apparatus. The class focuses on floor tumbling and strength conditioning, and uses uneven bars, balance beam, vault and trampoline. Students ages 4 to 5 that are currently enrolled in Tumblers may move up to AcroFitness with coach approval.



Age 4.5 to 6

Parkour is the sport of using the body for uninterrupted, efficient forward motion over, under, around and through the environment. Jr. Parkour is a fusion of our regular preschool tumbling curriculum and beginner parkour. Our students love running, jumping, climbing on, over and around obstacles. We teach students to move safely through our obstacles as they build a foundation for body awareness, strength, and social skills.