Please note these are policies for our Youth and Pre-K Classes.

If you are looking for our Adult Policies please follow this link.

Late Policy

Before Class

During Class

Make Ups

Drop In’s

Class Cancelation Policy


Interest Lists


Late Policy 

  • AcroSports has a 15 minute late policy for all classes. Students must arrive within the first 15 minutes to be permitted into class.

  • If you arrive late and are unable to join class, you will not be able to schedule a make up and will not receive a credit.

Before Class

  • Proper athletic attire is required for all students.

  • Jewelry, jeans, buttons and zippers are prohibited for the safety of your student and our facilities.

  • Long hair must be tied back and out of your student’s face. We have hair ties available for sale in the office if needed.

  • Please arrive 5 minutes before the start of your class.

    • All classes meet up stairs in the bleachers except for Tiny Tots, Contortion, and Breakdancing classes, which meet downstairs.

    • If you’re running late, please check into the office so that one of our staff can safely escort your student onto the floor.

  • Stroller parking is available on the lower level inside the building.

    • Please do not leave strollers in walkways or at the bottom of stairways.

  • The white zone in front of our building is for pick ups or drop offs. Please do not park in this zone, or you may be towed.

  • Students are not permitted on the floor until their coach has arrived and class has begun.

Make Ups

  • We accommodate up to 2 make ups during our Winter and Spring Sessions and up to 3 make ups during our Summer and Fall sessions.

  • Absences must be recorded in advance to be eligible for a make up.

  • Make ups must be completed in the same session of the missed class.

  • Make ups are subject to availability and are not guaranteed.

  • Students can make up in any class that is age and skill level appropriate for them.

    • They do not have to make up in the same kind of class they missed.

  • Make ups cannot be scheduled online, please contact our office to schedule.

  • As make ups are a courtesy we offer to students, you cannot retroactively make up classes if you drop a class mid session.

During Class

  • Parents can watch their child’s class from our waiting areas.

  • Only students and staff are permitted on the floor, unless a coach invites a parent onto the floor.

  • Any classes with required parent participation are an exception.

  • Adults accompanying Pre-K students must stay in the building for the entire duration of the student’s class.

    • If a Pre-K student needs to use the restroom, the coach will call out your name to have your student meet you by the staircase.

    • Students in the Youth program can be dropped off once they’re 6 or older.

    • If you’re late to pick up a Youth student, please call the office to let us know.

  • Lockers and cubbies are available upstairs and downstairs for item storage.

  • Wifi is available for your use, you can find the password posted around the building or ask our office.

Drop in’s

  • Students can drop into any age appropriate class that has space.

    • Calling ahead to schedule a drop in is highly recommended as walk ins are not guaranteed a spot.

    • We cannot accommodate drop ins during the last week of each session. (Fall 2019: December 16th-22nd)

  • Drop ins can only be scheduled within 7 days of your desired class.

  • You will need to create an account before scheduling a drop in.

    • Drop ins cannot be scheduled through your account.

    • Call us at (415) 665-2276 or email info@acrosports.org to schedule.

  • Drop in fees must be processed in full at the time of booking.

  • The day of your drop in:

    • Please come by the office on the second floor to pick up a pass before going to class.

    • Tiny Tots, Contortion, and Breakdancing classes meet downstairs in the play area, all other classes meet upstairs in the grandstands.

    • We have a very strict 15 minute late policy. If you arrive 15 minutes past your class start time, you will not be permitted to join and will not receive a refund.

  • If you cannot make a drop in you have scheduled:

    • Contact our office at least 24 hours before your class start time.

    • You will receive a credit equal to the amount of your drop in on your account for you to use within a year.

  • Please note we cannot accommodate drop ins during the last week of each session.

  • Drop in fees:

    • 1 hr - $23

    • 1.5 hrs - $33

    • 2 hrs - $43

Class Cancelation Policy

  • AcroSports has a strict no refund policy.

  • If you need to cancel once you’ve chosen and paid for a class, you can receive a credit on your account equal to the amount of classes remaining.

  • To cancel a class and receive a credit:

    • Contact our office at least 24 hours before the first class you will be missing.

    • If you do not give us 24 hours notice, your credit will not include that day of class.

  • If you drop a class, you cannot make up any more classes.


  • There is no charge for being on a waitlist, and you can be on multiple wait lists at one time.

  • If a spot becomes available, we call/email and give you 24 hours to get back to us to confirm your spot.

    • We do not automatically charge or put you in the class.

  • If you’re already enrolled in a class, but a wait list spot becomes available for a class you would prefer, you can transfer.

  • Waitlists do not carry over from session to session.

Interest Lists

  • Interest List classes are classes that we are considering opening up.

    • This could be dependent on coach availability or the number of students who are interested.

  • If there is an Interest List class that you might want to partake in for the session, be sure to add yourself.

  • Interest List classes are not guaranteed to become real classes and we highly recommend you pick another class as a back up.

  • If an Interest List class opens, we will contact the those on the wait list that fall within the class size via email and phone.

    • Families will have a predetermined amount of time to confirm their spot before we move down the Interest List.


  • Registration Periods:

    • Priority Registration: For students who were enrolled in (and completed) the previous session.

      • Camp enrollment, ToddlerPlay Group attendance, AcroFun Nights or any other programs at AcroSports do not qualify you for Priority Registration.

    • Sibling Registration: For students who were not enrolled in the previous session but have a sibling that was.

    • Camper Registration: For students who were enrolled in a full week of summer camp (3+ days)

    • Open Registration: Open to everyone

  • Fall 2019 Registration dates (Registration opens at 9am):

    • Priority & Sibling: Monday August 12th

    • Camper: Wednesday August 14th

    • Open: Monday August 19th

  • Session Schedules:

    • Session schedules come out the week before Priority Registration begins.

    • We try to keep our schedules similar from session to session, but cannot guarantee that a class will continue at the same day and time due to coach availability and enrollment numbers.

  • Registration Day:

    • Registration opens at 9am. Many of our classes fill quickly so we highly recommend registering as soon as you can.

    • The quickest way to register is online through your Parent Portal.

    • You can register by calling our office, but due to the high volume of calls we receive, we recommend enrolling online.

      • However, if your child has been approved for a class that they are too young for, you must call the office to enroll.

    • We do not accept enrollments via email during registration periods.

  • Payment:

    • You cannot make payments yourself as our staff checks enrollments and processes payments from our end.

    • You will receive an emailed receipt (usually the same day you register) confirming that we have processed your payment.

    • If your payment method is declined, we will reach out and give you 24 hours to confirm payment while we hold your spot.

  • Discounts (taken from cheaper class):

    • Sibling discount: 10% off of each additional child you enroll.

    • Multi class discounts: 20% off the second class, 30% off the third class, etc.

    • Tuition Assistance: We offer tuition discounts up to 40% for qualifying families. If you are interested in applying, please read this page before enrolling.

    • Please note that discounts are not automatically applied and classes will show the full price when you register. We add discounts when processing enrollments.