“Age of Rock”

Performer Bios

1 _ Chloe Marvel Light Axelrod.jpg

Chloe Marvel Light Axelrod

 “Rumor has it, Prince walked in a Purple Rain cloud for years after Chloe strut his heart like a red carpet. An idol to Billy Idol and legend to all those after. A star only twinkles to this comet on earth. Chloe Marvel Light Axelrod, you spin us right round baby, right round.”

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Stephanie Haber

“Call her Blondie, Call her Madonna, call her anything but sane.  She’s lightning, she’s thunder, she’s a handful of everything rock n’ roll.”

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Samuel Edward

“With a hard hitting melody, Captain Equality is here to stick it to the man. Time to dance for your rights! And if that ain’t something to stomp your heels for then that ain’t rock n’ roll.”

Carla Tutu

“Carla Tutu upholds the transformative pillars of song and dance to the heights of religion. We are all here and no one know what they are doing so we might as well sing and dance...no pants preferred.”

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Caye Mckibben

“A muse to the greatest rockers, her flaming lyra act inspired Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" and "American Woman" by Lenny Kravitz. Spicy by name, and syrupy sweet by nature, Cayenne brings the fire to Earth, Wind, and Fire.”

Mick Glenn

Just trying to find a good party, Mick Glenn has meandered into a world of flips, flops, and falls. In the inimitable words of Led Zeppelin, Mick's ethos is "I want to be the very best, like no one ever was."

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Stormy Hovan

Cold, chaotic and fearless, Stormy Hovan is the anarchist of this generation. With extreme intensity, power, and a fiery hatred for authority, he'll stop at nothing to destroy every obstacle standing in his way. ( Causing as much chaos as he can whilst doing so... )

Ciarra D'Onofrio

“Armed with a mustache, this femme rocker is Joan Jett with a little Freddie Mercury. Twisted Sister would admit, she’s pretty Twisted. Watch in wonder as she challenges your spectrum on the dance trapeze.”

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CircusLab Troupe:

Performers: Izzy Abbott, Jessie Atkins, Anya Balas, Eva Bradford, Bailey Higgins-Eaton, Isla Imrey, Amelia Monfiglio

Act Direction: Lin Junming
Ensemble Director: NancyKate Siefker

CircusLab Troupe is AcroSports’ by-audition-only youth circus training program for ages 10 - 18. Troupe is an eight-month program that provides the opportunity for advanced AcroSports’ students to bring real life performance experience to their circus practice, with the guidance and direction of coaches who lead by example and encourage young circus students to become leaders.