“Cabaret to Die For!”

Performer Bios

Alex “Lex” Morgan

Lex is a trapezist, dancer, and tumbler. She received her BA in Dance Performance and Choreography from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 2016. From 2014-2016 she worked in North Carolina as a professional choreographer, dancer, and lighting supervisor - working on productions like Das Hamletmachine, and Dead Man’s Cell Phone. This will be Lex’s fourth performance with AcroSports.

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Samuel Petre

Samuel Petre is a current Youth tumbling, aerial arts and acrobatics coach at Acrosports since September 2017. He has his Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Performance from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He is an aspiring professional circus performer with credits from AcroSports’ Dia De Los Muertos Cabaret 2017, AcroSports’ 25th Anniversary Gala 2018 and Destination Art’s North Beach Cabaret 2018. His focuses are Aerial Silks, Trapeze, Lyra, Wall Trampoline and Tumbling/Acrobatics.

Bethlayne Hansen

Bethlayne flies to feel grounded. With a background in gymnastics and theatre, it was only a matter of time before she found and fell in love with the circus arts. She performs acts on pole, lyra, and lollipop. Tonight's piece will be performed on the lollipop, and is all about finding your inner power. She currently teaches at VRV3 Studios in San Francisco, and has performed all over the west coast with The Vespertine Circus, Pole Show LA, Lightning In A Bottle, Tourettes Without Regrets, Saturnalia: A Raunchy Circus Christmas (which returns to the Shelton Theater in December!), and many others. You can follow her journey on instagram @BethlayneEveryDamnDay.

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Mackenzie Pike

Mackenzie has been involved with gymnastics, dance and movement since she was about 3 years old. She began performing in high school with her dance team at a number of events, but took a break because of her dedication to competitive college volleyball. Mackenzie has her Masters Degree in Integrative Health from California Institute of Integral Studies where she wrote her Thesis on the benefits of natural human movement. Her disciplines include, acrobatics, martial arts, hand balancing, dance, contortion, and anything that involves movement and play. About a year and a half ago, Mackenzie began studying circus arts which has helped her grow as a mover and a performer. 

Andrei Fenix

Ninja by day, Engineer/Designer by night, Andrei Fenix is a multidisciplinary movement artist based in San Francisco.

Drawing on various movement modalities - including Martial arts, Dance, Parkour, and Circus Arts - lends a unique primal flow and sensuality to his work.


Megan “Mega” Gallagher

Mega began her circus career through many years as a gymnast. A coach and choreographer from a young age, her love for performance art and acrobatics led her to study aerial arts and from there enter contortion training. She has been dedicated to the world of circus ever since! Today she teaches adult tissu / sling at Acrosports and performs contortion, aerial silks (tissu), aerial hoop (lyra), stunts, and acrobatics in the Bay Area and the United States. She teaches workshops around the U.S. Mega aims to bring emotion, aesthetics, grace, and flexibility to every aspect of her performances that she considers story-telling through movement. 

Mick Glenn

Mick Glenn has coached and trained at AcroSports for three years. This is Mick's second solo performance at AcroSports. When he isn't clowning around, Mick practices tumbling, handbalancing, trampoline, and parkour.

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 Katie Hughes

Katie took her first aerial class in 2016, and has shamelessly persevered ever since. She currently trains at Acrosports and Circus Center, where she primarily focuses on trying to remember which side is left and which side is right while spinning upside down. She has performed aerial sling acts at Acrosports, Little Boxes Theater, and the North Beach Cabaret. In her downtime, Katie works as a product designer at a virtual reality startup.

CircusLab Troupe:

Performers: Izzy Abbott, Jessie Atkins, Anya Balas, Eva Bradford, Bailey Higgins-Eaton, Isla Imrey, Amelia Monfiglio, Angelia Richardson
Act Direction: Lin Junming
CircusLab Ensemble Director: Hannah Gaff

CircusLab Troupe is AcroSports’ by-audition-only youth circus training program for ages 10 - 18. Troupe is an eight-month program that provides the opportunity for advanced AcroSports’ students to bring real life performance experience to their circus practice, with the guidance and direction of coaches who lead by example and encourage young circus students to become leaders.


Caye Mckibben

Caye is an aspiring aerialist and acrobat. She started off her journey when she retired from her 9 years of training and competing in gymnastics. She began aerial last November when she started moved to the Bay Area to attend California College of the Arts. Upon moving here she began training and teaching beginning aerial classes. Since then she has had 3 performances, on hammock, silks, and lyra. She hopes to keep growing as an aerialist and performer, as her time here goes on.

Megan Posas


Elisa Orellana was born and raised in Madrid, Spain. She started dancing at the age of 6. From ballet and jazz to pole dancing, she dabbled in many dance disciplines and even taught Latin dance for 10 years until she fell in love with silks 4 years ago. She has traveled all over the world and performed at festivals and retreats on her way. At Acrosports, she has found a home to hone her skills and train, as well as a new opportunity to share her love for performing and dancing.