Séance Performers


Jem the Aerialist

“From the depth of darkness spirit ascends. By letting go of the fears that holds up back we become open to receive the guidance of spirit.”

Ciarra D'Onofrio

“Casting spells and divining the future, Ciarra will bewitch you as she twists your fate on the dance trapeze. Prepare to be entranced, as only her tarot cards know what lies ahead...”

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Unga - Banana!!!

“The eldest spirit, Unga, a troglodyte, has been accidentally called into this Seance and is looking for his friend, Banana. On his way to find his friend, he makes the biggest discovery of his life: a unicycle. Now that he has discovered the wheel, he may never leave our world.”


"Ro is a bog gremlin who rarely emerges from the cyberpunk miasma in which she hides, howls, and crafts wondrous things. Luckily for us, her eldritch and recursive self-destructive tendencies produce gorgeous and unsettling performances. Enjoy!"

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KC and Amelia

“KC and Amelia are out here asking the tough questions: is there life beyond the stars? Can love exist across realms? If there’s something strange in your neighborhood... who you gonna call?”

Sabrine Haroun

"Emerging from the depths of transformation is spirit butterfly. Her feet, no longer bound to the ground... she breaks into the light experiencing dream state reality, fluttering about endlessly "

Erin Conn

Erin Conn

Lucy Peek and Rachel Ostrow

Lucy Peek and Rachel Ostrow

Dava Munyon

Dava Munyon

Caye Mckibben

Caye Mckibben