Offsite Program information


AcroSports offsite classes provide access to non-traditional sports in a safe learning environment.  AcroSports offsite curriculum serves K-12 students with high-quality instruction in:


Students build strength, agility and social skills and get a great workout in this high-energy class. Using mats, vaults, balance beam and bars, they explore new physical challenges and increase their confidence and self esteem. The class includes warm-ups and stretching, gymnastics skill instruction, and group games. 


Students learn basic jumps, rolls, and tumbling on our mats, while incorporating strength and flexibility throughout the practice. Students will develop their spatial awareness, coordination and balance. The class includes warm-ups and stretching, tumbling instruction and group games.


AcroSports Circus Arts classes incorporate many performing art forms used in circus such as juggling, hula-hoop, pair acro, clowning and balancing tricks. Classes focus on developing the physical skills, strength and flexibility as well as the creative expression needed as circus performers.


This beginning class introduces the fundamentals of break dancing: freezes, and power moves. With a focus on skill acquisition and physical conditioning, students will be breaking in no time! Students will develop confidence and creativity.


Parkour is moving from point A to B as quickly as possible using proper landing, running, jumping, climbing on and over obstacles as well as safe spotting and training. Students will learn how to safely perform basic parkour indoors through use of mats, proper coaching, and strength building so they can take their skills outside on their own.


  • The opportunity to develop unique skills through achievable steps;
  • Increased self-esteem and physical fitness; and
  • Enhancement of school culture and the curriculum.

Classes can be scheduled for 6 to 12 weekly sessions. The sessions are structured with weekly lesson plans tailored to the age of your students, in the discipline of your choice.

Contact Program Manager, Johnny Bradford, to discuss the various program options available and help you decide what will best fit your particular group, or complete our offsite booking request form.