Installment Plans

AcroSports is happy to offer installment plans for those who wish to break their tuition fees into multiple payments. Any families with students enrolled in Youth classes, Pre-K classes, AcroCamp or AcroCamp Jr are welcome to apply for an installment plan. Installment plans are not available for adult classes, birthday parties or other special events.

To apply:

Please fill out this form when registering for classes. You must contact our office to inform us you are applying for installments, or you will be charged in full. Once letting us know, you will have three days to finish the application. Our administrative specialist will then contact you via email with a proposed installment plan.

You will be charged a $25 deposit (per class) to hold your child’s spot while we process your application and put an installment plan together for you.

More information:

  • We offer installment plans with either 2 or 3 payment dates.

  • All accounts must be paid in full before the registration period of the following session. Because of this, we cannot always accommodate your requested number of installments.

  • Installment plans for camp enrollments must be paid in full at least 3 weeks before the week of camp.

  • There is a $5 administrative fee per installment payment

  • Our office will automatically process the card we have on file on the dates stated on your plan. If you card is declined, you will have until the end of the day to get back to our office and arrange payment.