During Class

  • Parents can watch their child’s class from our waiting areas.

  • Only students and staff are permitted on the floor, unless a coach invites a parent onto the floor.

  • Any classes with required parent participation are an exception.

  • Adults accompanying Pre-K students must stay in the building for the entire duration of the student’s class.

    • If a Pre-K student needs to use the restroom, the coach will call out your name to have your student meet you by the staircase.

    • Students in the Youth program can be dropped off once they’re 6 or older.

    • If you’re late to pick up a Youth student, please call the office to let us know.

  • Lockers and cubbies are available upstairs and downstairs for item storage.

  • Wifi is available for your use, you can find the password posted around the building or ask our office.