Emilio Lehmer Testimonial


January, 5th 2018

Profession: Gymnast/Student ASU, 2016 U.S. tumbling bronze medalist

I worked at AcroSports coaching students for 3 years and attended gymnastics and tumbling classes for just under 10 years.

My specialty while at AcroSports was tumbling and boy’s gymnastics.

The things I like most about AcroSports is the fun and family-like environment. AcroSports is highly refreshing from the competitive scene.

The greatest benefits I have received from AcroSports was being able to work and train at AcroSports as well as stay fit. It was great and fun activity to do when I was younger.

AcroSports and the staff have helped me achieve my personal goals by giving me my first coaching job as well as giving me great references for my future endeavors. If it wasn’t for AcroSports I wouldn’t have started gymnastics as a youth.

 It was great to work with Dorrie, Jess, Carl, Elijah and Erin.

AcroSports would go the extra mile for me. They were always supportive about my training and coaching.  Everyone was always down to help me.

AcroSports is a great place to begin your training (especially if you are unsure if you want to go competitive), exercise, and meet new people.

If someone called me and told me they were considering training at AcroSports I would tell them to definitely take the opportunity. It is a great place to train, grow, and work. The staff at AcroSports are knowledgeable and AcroSports has a lot of class offerings to choose from.

Some of my favorite memories of AcroSports are having my birthday party celebrations there when I was younger, and attending summer camp was a lot of fun.