Did you get your tickets for our Séance Cabaret yet?

Coach Caye & Dava have prepared a double lyra act with some surprising twists for our Séance Cabaret. We sat down with Coach Dava to learn more about her act.

What is this act about? 

Dava: I’m a werewolf and I’m trying to turn the beautiful lunar woman, Caye, into a werewolf. I don’t think anyone will have ever seen an act like this before. Caye came up with the idea over the summer and we’ve been working on it since then.

How long have you been training? 

Dava: This is my first real cabaret performance, but I performed in the Circus Lab’s Where the Concrete Ends, Dreams Begin show. I’ve been taking dance all my life, and adding parkour and aerial classes to my skill set through Acro - I’m excited to create an act that combines all these elements. Caye has performed several times and in last year’s cabaret, so I’m looking to her to show me the ropes. 

What’s the best thing about having a partner for your cabaret performance? 

Dava: Caye is a wonderful person. She’s extremely talented and I love learning from other performers. It’s nice to have another person to bounce ideas off of. We’re so excited to show everyone what we’ve been working on. 

I love performing. It’s an enlightening experience to be able to use your body to express a story and have a creative outlet. There’s a rush of adrenaline of being able to portray something on stage in front of a live audience.
— Coach Dava

Check out more of our talented Acro coaches who will be performing at this year’s Fall cabaret! 

Coach Ciarra 

Casting spells and divining the future, Ciarra will bewitch you as she twists your fate on the dance trapeze. Prepare to be entranced, as only her tarot cards know what lies ahead..."

Coach Ellis & Marco

Telling a story of brotherhood, competition and the power of personal growth through their stunting and stage fighting martial arts act. 

Coach Erin

You know her, you love her and she’s bringing a new and exciting hoop act to the Séance stage!

Coach Jem

Will be weaving a mythical tale in her enchanting aerial silks act. “From the depth of darkness spirit ascends. By letting go of the fears that holds up back we become open to receive the guidance of spirit.”

Coach Sabrine 

Sabrine Is reconnecting with her past through her hand balancing and ground tumbling inspired act. She may even take flight to join other celestial beings.

Bonus! Meet our youth circus participants!

Emma & Oona  

They performed together in the Circus Lab show Where the Concrete Ends, Dreams Begin. This time they are rolling out a challenging Rolling Globe routine. 

Aerial Act Creation Class 

The Aerial Act Creation class is a new offering this fall, led by Coach Sandia and specifically designed to help our young aerials develop acts for performances. Their creepy act is inspired by underworld creatures and will be fittingly taking on our Creature.

Coach Erin & Elijah at AYCO!

Over 200 youth circus performers from New York, Seattle, St. Louis, Chicago, Portland and everywhere in between met in San Diego for the 2019 AYCO (American Youth Circus Organization) Festival. And our very own Erin & Elijah joined the 70+ instructors to teach specialized workshops to kids ages 8-18! 

It was Coach Erin’s first year teaching at AYCO and she led several Hoop Flow workshops. “All the kids at AYCO were really interested in expanding their circus skill set and were excited to learn more advanced hoop flow. It was a great experience to teach young performers who are excited about circus and their future careers” 

It was an amazing experience, I’m so inspired by these young performers. I think we’re going to see a massive wave of talented youth circus artists. These circus performers are so dedicated and they are working on more and more challenging acts that are only going to get better in the next few years.
— Coach Erin

Erin also got the opportunity to participate in both a tightwire and partner acro workshop and is excited to bring what she learned back to AcroSports. “My favorite workshop that I took was a rolling globe workshop - which I’ve already introduced to my TumbleCircus class!” 

This year was Coach Elijah’s 3rd year teaching at AYCO, he taught Tricking, Parkour, Wall Tramp and an AcroDance class. He first brought Tricking to AYCO 2 years ago and is the only coach to teach this discipline at the festival, “I love that AcroSports is introducing Tricking to the circus community.”

It’s great to see that this next generation really cares about circus and sees it as a viable career path. These kids are passionate and hungry and it’s fun to teach these young performers because they are coachable and talented.
— Coach Elijah

As a circus and performance center, AcroSports is part of a larger community around the country that is building youth circus artists. Many of the circus troupes that participated are also non-profits and provide a safe space for teenagers in their communities. 

AcroSports is an AYCO member and we hosted the Educators Conference two years ago. We’re so proud that our coaches represent AcroSports and the San Francisco circus community at this  prestigious youth festival.

Youth Skill Building at AcroSports

At AcroSports, we want our students to develop a positive relationship with physical activity through personal accomplishments and cooperative group activity.

The goal of our youth program is to provide a fun and safe environment to build self-esteem through circus arts. To do this, we developed a curriculum for each class that includes skill progression and strength building to achieve personal goals. 

Our coaches tailor their classes to best meet the needs of every individual student while progressing toward these goals. All our youth classes work on developing strong foundational skills, strength training and skill progression, while ensuring proper technique. 

Gymnastics specialty camps.jpg

What we’re looking for our students to achieve during each session:

  • Conceptual understanding - It’s important our students understand proper body mechanics and what each skill entails to know how to execute it.

  • Technique - Understanding and demonstrating proper technique is part of skill building.

  • Strength - All skill progressions depend on a strong foundation. We will often incorporate conditioning drills in each class and encourage students to do similar exercises at home.

  • Consistency - To master gymnastics, aerial and parkour skills repetition is key. The more consistent you are during practice the more confident you’ll be when performing.

We want our students to continue to gain confidence as acrobats and as performers. Our motto is progress, not perfection. We always want to see our students building their skills and working to achieve their personal best. 

Calling all celestial performers!

Autumn reminds us of our shifting forms. As the seasons change from blooming to bare, we change with the wind. Rising and falling, following the season... It's times like these we ask guidance from mystical powers. Where does your spirit take you? Join us fellow celestial beings for a celebration of our talents, an offering to the mystical powers that guide our light.

If you are interested in performing in our Séance Cabaret or want to assist our show in other ways, please fill out the following form.

Dress Rehearsal: October 11 from 7-10pm
Show Call: October 12 at 2:30pm
Show Times: October 12 at 4pm & 7pm


Yes! We still have availability for Fall!

Great news! We still have availability in preschool, youth and adult classes! Remember, you can always add yourself to a class waitlist, spots often open up throughout the session.

Preschool classes

Tootsie Rollers & Tumblers   New 2pm weekday classes have been added!

Tootsie Rollers & Tumblers

New 2pm weekday classes have been added!

Capoeira   Thursday 9:00am | 50 minutes


Thursday 9:00am | 50 minutes

Youth Classes

Intro to Aerial   Ages 5.5-7  Tuesday 3:00pm | 55 minutes

Intro to Aerial

Ages 5.5-7

Tuesday 3:00pm | 55 minutes

Hoop   Ages 7+  Friday 5:30pm | 85 minutes


Ages 7+

Friday 5:30pm | 85 minutes

Handbalancing   Ages 8+  Saturday 11:00pm | 55 minutes


Ages 8+

Saturday 11:00pm | 55 minutes

Strength & Conditioning   Ages 8+  Tuesday 6:00pm | 55 minutes

Strength & Conditioning

Ages 8+

Tuesday 6:00pm | 55 minutes

Tier 2 & 3 Aerial Act Creation    *Must have completed Tier 2   Tuesday 6:30pm | 85 minutes

Tier 2 & 3 Aerial Act Creation

*Must have completed Tier 2

Tuesday 6:30pm | 85 minutes

AcroArts 1 & 2   Acro-Arts 1 (7-9 Yrs): Monday 5:00pm | 85 minutes  Acro-Arts 2 (7+): Wednesday 5:00pm | 85 minutes

AcroArts 1 & 2

Acro-Arts 1 (7-9 Yrs): Monday 5:00pm | 85 minutes

Acro-Arts 2 (7+): Wednesday 5:00pm | 85 minutes

Parkour   Monday 12:15pm | 90 minutes


Monday 12:15pm | 90 minutes

Handbalancing   Wednesday & Thursday 12pm | 90 minutes


Wednesday & Thursday 12pm | 90 minutes

Mick’s summer training in Montréal!

Coach Mick had the opportunity to take several workshops with the 7 Fingers, a contemporary circus company in Montreal this summer. He wanted to share with our community the inspiring performances, workshops and all the new things he learned to bring back to AcroSports!

He attended several workshops and over the course of the Complètement Cirque festival, including Introduction to Partner Acrobatics, Swings & Tosses and AcroDance. 

“My favorite workshop was AcroDance. I discovered how to modify and improvise with movements I already know - and learned how to connect movement in more creative and innovative ways. The most important thing I gained from my time at the festival is that circus arts are not always about becoming bigger and faster, but feeling more stable and strong.” 

Mick has been training in circus arts, acting and acrobatics for over 5 years. He has been at AcroSports for 4 years and has taught in all our programs - PreK, Youth, Adult and Offsite. He specializes in youth and adult parkour, trampoline and handbalancing.

His goal of attending the 7 Fingers workshop was to gain more freedom in his own movements, while finding ways to better assist his students.

“The workshops reinforced that all students learn differently. A good coach can adapt and describe movements in new ways to help students, especially beginners, who are trying difficult skills for the first time. By attending these workshops and learning from more experienced circus performers, I’m in a better position to connect with my students and help them gain more confidence in their movement practice.

It was a life changing experience for me, if you’d like to see more of my journey, find me on instagram: @micktglenn.

I’d like to share with you my favorite show from the Complètement Cirque festival.”

Sun-sational Summer Camps at AcroSports!

Our summer camps are in full swing at AcroSports! From high-flying Harry Potter week to (of course) Circus week! 

At the end of each week, our campers put on a performance based on the theme of the week. We love seeing the acts our students create and their excitement before the show. 

Coach Johnnie as the mad scientist in last week’s AcroCamp show!

Coach Johnnie as the mad scientist in last week’s AcroCamp show!

For students who are looking for new challenges, we offer additional training through our full-day specialty camps and our half-day intensive camps. During these camps, students work on specific skills in their discipline. Because of the small group size, our students have hours over the course of the week to perfect their technique and gain new skills. 

“Our specialty camps allow our students and coaches to build personal connections over the course of the week. Our coaches take the time to learn their student’s individual training mannerisms and personality. At the end of the week, the kids are really excited to perform the new skills they learned during the week.” - Coach Jesper, Camp Specialist 

We still have some spots available in our specialty and half-day intensive camps! Call the office at (415) 665-2276 or register online. 

Specialty Camp:

July 29th - August 2nd

Week 9 Beginning Parkour

with Coach Louka

Youth Parkour Students Summer 2017 Outback Jordan Moniz-Ramos (Staff)IMG_3055.JPG
Youth Parkour Students Summer 2017 Outback Jordan Moniz-Ramos (Staff)IMG_3132.JPG

Intensive Camp:

August 12th - 16th

Week 11 Girl's Gymnastics Levels 2 and 3

with Coach Cera, Riana, and Janel 


Summer Fit Tips for Adults

It can be difficult to remain motivated throughout the year, especially during summer when we’re all excited about taking much needed vacation time. Keep your goals on track during the summer by following these simple tips.

1. Eat sensibly

When working on your fitness goals, your diet plays a large part in your success. After spending hours working on a skill, give your body what it needs — healthy, balanced meals. It’s simple, eat right and your body will thank you. Take advantage of all the fruit in season in the summer! 

2. Drink water — duh!

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! There are differing opinions on how much water you should consume daily, but the key is to listen to your body. Read up on the following advice.

3. Move a lot

Find ways to move every day — whether it’s taking the stairs or walking an extra block with your dog in the morning.

Our coaches are always designing new games and drills to create challenging workouts. We have a number of classes ranging from beginner to advanced from high-impact to more low-impact movement. Remember we’re on ClassPass, so you can try out a few classes to find your favorite!

Here’s how to get the most from your AcroSports classes:

  • Listen to past injuries. Before class begins let your coach know about any prior injuries, they will tailor drills to your needs and may recommend specific exercises to work on at home.

  • Set specific goals and write them down. Tell your coach what you want to achieve by the end of the month and they will help design drills to accomplish your goals. Most conditioning drills that are done in class can be adapted to your home workout.

  • Work on building your core. A stronger core will lead to better results. 

Rachel’s adult conditioning class has been taking advantage of the weather and having class in the Kezar stadium.

Rachel’s adult conditioning class has been taking advantage of the weather and having class in the Kezar stadium.

4. Sleep well

Let your body recover by getting quality sleep. Create a better sleep environment for you and your family.

You’re invited to celebrate Pride with us!

We’re inviting our entire Acro family including coaches, students, and families to march with us in the Pride Parade this weekend! 

The San Francisco Pride Parade takes place Sunday, June 30th and begins at 10:30 AM on Market Street, from Embarcadero to Civic Center in San Francisco. Our meeting time is 1:00 PM. Sign ups are free! Youth and PreK Students need to be accompanied by an adult. Please dress as brightly and colorful as possible! 

AcroSports at the 2018 San Francisco Pride Parade!

AcroSports at the 2018 San Francisco Pride Parade!

“Inclusivity and diversity have always been part of the fabric of AcroSports.
We’ve built a vibrant, inclusive community and we’re proud to be visible in the Pride Parade and in the LGBTQ community. I love having our students and their families join our staff in the march. Fostering such a welcoming organization has created a sense of family and has built long-lasting relationships with students and staff, many of which are members of the LGBTQ community.”
- Dorrie Huntington, Executive Director
Grab your rainbow clothes and come march with us!

Grab your rainbow clothes and come march with us!

Yes! We have youth summer classes!

Don’t fall into the summer slump!  Summer is the perfect time to maintain the skills you worked on during the school year, build strength, and even be challenged with new skill progressions. Check out our new youth classes and open training sessions.

*New* Hula Hoop (ages 7+)

Friday 5:30 pm (85 minutes)

Coed class for students of all levels. Object manipulation is a fundamental circus skill that can enhance performances. Curriculum will focus on both on-body and off-body hula hoop skills along with developing hoop sequences. Students will also work on their flexibility and handbalancing. Coach Erin has been hooping for 7+ years, check her out!

*New* Youth Handbalancing (ages 10+)

Saturday 11:00 am (55 minutes)

Coed class for students to develop their strength, flexibility and balance as part of the three fundamentals of handbalancing. This class works toward various solo hand and arm balances, including handstands and holds. All levels welcome!

Coach Mackenzie showing off her handbalancing skills in the spooky Presidio fog.

Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 1.39.06 PM.png

*New* Youth Open Gym (all levels)

Tuesday 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm (55 minutes)

Designed to allow students to maintain their current skills during the summer session. Open gym will start with a group warm-up and stretch and students will have the opportunity to work on individual skills under the supervision of our open gym coach.

Students are welcome to enroll or drop-in over the summer. You may also schedule a drop-ins in advance.

Teen Gymnastics (ages 10+)

Monday 5:30 pm (85 minutes)

Coed class focused on floor, beam and bar skills. Students will learn fundamental gymnastics skills, build strength and flexibility. Great for students who are new to gymnastics and those who want to build core strength.

*New* Advanced Training

Friday 4:30 pm (145 minutes)

Coed open training where students currently enrolled in Level 3/4 Tumbling, Level 3+ Girls Gymnastics, Advanced Parkour & Free Running and CircusLab students can work on their skills and progressions in an open format training session. This class will focus on ground training and tumbling.

Students are welcome to enroll or drop-in over the summer. You may also schedule a drop-ins in advance.

Advanced Training1.jpg
Advanced Training2.jpg

Check out our full youth summer schedule below.

New Adult Tumbling Class Added!

Are you looking to perfect your back walkover? Do you want to transition to running tumbling? Want to add height to your back tuck? We hear you! We’ve added a new class so you can focus on gaining specific tumbling skills.

This is an all levels class to work on different level progressions for skills such as:

  • Basic tumbling/forward and backward rolls+handstands

  • Cartwheels/round-offs

  • Dive rolls

  • Front handsprings

  • Standing back handsprings/round-offs for back handsprings

  • Front tucks

  • Back tucks

  • Front walkover

  • Back walkover

Adult Tumbling for Blog.jpg

Adult Program Manager Rachel Bradford said, “Our tumbling classes are very popular and we want to accommodate our adult students who have been waitlisted for those classes. I’m very happy that we are able to add this new class so our students can continue to work and progress their skills and achieve their personal goals.”

The Tumbling - Skill Specific class is offered every Tuesday night from 7-8:30 p.m.

Recap of Shel Silverstein Week at AcroSports!

“I want people to walk away from this show realizing that performers of all ages can create something impressive  - you can still make something enjoyable even at a younger age.”

Izzy Abbot, age 13

Izzy Abbot practicing the finale act inspired by Shel Silverstein’s “Ickle Me Pickle Me Tickle Me Too.”

Izzy Abbot practicing the finale act inspired by Shel Silverstein’s “Ickle Me Pickle Me Tickle Me Too.”

CircusLabs’ “Where the Concrete End, Dreams Begin” brings to life Shel Silverstein poems through movement and circus arts. Our CircusLab students have been hard at work preparing for this show. It features a number of acts including innovative object manipulation, aerial silk, lyra and trapeze, and of course tumbling.

Our students practice 4-7 hours each week to prepare for their performances throughout the year. The show on June 1 will be the first time our troupe will be performing in a professional theater.

Eva Bradford, age 10, is performing in 7 acts and said, “I’ve been performing for five years and this will be my first time in a proper theater. I’m very excited to be on SOMArts stage.”

Bianca Tototzintle stretching before practicing her contortion and handbalancing routine set to “We are going to be Friends” by the White Stripes.

Bianca Tototzintle stretching before practicing her contortion and handbalancing routine set to “We are going to be Friends” by the White Stripes.

If you’ve never seen our CircusLab perform, get ready! The acts are over-the-top, sometimes literally, with an aerial act even flying over the audience! The CircusLab students shared what they are most excited for about for this show:

“I love performing, so everything. I love being on stage, I love making people laugh.” - Oona Haskovec, age 12.

“There’s so many things in this show that I’ve never seen before - the balancing globe, my cube object manipulation act, the flying birdcage. I think the audience will be impressed.” - Izzy Abbot, age 13.

“I’m performing in a juggling and trapeze act and I’m most excited to show off what we’ve worked so hard on.” - TK Munyon, age 13.

“We have an emoji act, which is really funny. This is my first year in CircusLab, but I’m planning on doing again next year. I want people to walk away loving the circus and loving our show!” - Emma Jasik, age 10.


The Shel Silverstein theme was perfect inspiration for the troupe’s hula hoop act choreographed by Coach Erin. She’s excited to see CircusLab perform at SOMArts and said, “In the last two months, I’ve seen our students come to practice focused and ready to work. It’s so rewarding to see all their hard work pay off. It’s a great experience for CircusLab to train in a different space than where they will perform. It will help them in the future as they grow and potentially decide to perform as part of their career. The acts they are preparing are very physical. It will be great to see them transition to performing on a different stage. Everyone should come to the show!”

Get in the flow with AcroYoga

Ever scroll through Instagram and wish you could do this…

Max Stuart and AcroSports’ student Elisa Orellana showing off their skills in the park.

Max Stuart and AcroSports’ student Elisa Orellana showing off their skills in the park.

AcroYoga incorporates teamwork, strength building and body awareness through learning unique acro poses, postures, and flows. AcroSports has two opportunities to help you develop your skills through our instructor-led AcroYoga class and a more open flow with our new AcroYoga Jam.

Max Stuart has been practicing AcroYoga for over 4 years and coaching for more than 2 years. “I love that the AcroYoga community is a cooperative environment where you build trust with others rather than competing against others. It’s fun, keeps you healthy and fit,  allows you to connect with people and it’s a great workout!”

His Saturday AcroYoga class from 1:30 - 3:00 p.m. focuses on instructor-led poses from beginner all the way to more advanced skills. No yoga mat, no prior experience needed to learn. This class is perfect for those who enjoy less impactful movements, but still want a workout and the chance to learn new and challenging circus skills.

Max Stuart at Pai Circus School & Hostel in Thailand.

Max Stuart at Pai Circus School & Hostel in Thailand.

One of the foundations of AcroYoga is safe practice and learning how to spot and correct body positions. Max commented, “It’s better to practice in a safe space when you have a spotter than trying new skills at the park without any mats. My favorite part of this class is helping others gain new skills.”

Max Stuart at an open Jam with SF Acro.

Max Stuart at an open Jam with SF Acro.

AcroYoga Jam is an open space to develop your own practice, skill-share with others, and engage with like-minded people on Friday nights from 7 - 8:30 p.m.. Best part is that you can get a 4 class pass for $28! Come and jam with us!

AcroSports inaugural AcroYoga Jam!

AcroSports inaugural AcroYoga Jam!

Max is hosting the AcroYoga Jam and said, “I’m excited AcroSports has opened the space to allow our community a place to meet on a Friday night to connect with new people while trying new and challenging poses.”

Sign up here!

"Where the Concrete Ends Dreams Begin." CircusLab’s upcoming performance!

Shel Silverstein .png

CircusLab at AcroSports means doing the impossible. Our CircusLab class of 15 students between the ages of 10-18 will be performing at the SOMArts Cultural Center on June 1! This is CircusLab’s first time performing at the SOMArts Cultural Center and we couldn’t be more proud.

"Where the Concrete Ends Dreams Begin." is also our new Performance Director,  NancyKate’s first full show with CircusLab!

NancyKate chose Shel Silverstein as a theme because his style is a perfect fit for the dreamers, the doers, and people who make the impossible happen. “I use poetry as a platform for creating performance art. It's really easy to grasp the imagery of the poems and bring them to life in your own style, which is what I asked CircusLab to do. Also, I selfishly hope to inspire youth to read more Shel Silverstein - his writings are funny, creative and timeless.”

This year, CircusLab has performed at the AcroSports "Age of Rock" Cabaret and the Harlem Globetrotters Pre-show. The performance at the SOMArts Center will be their first performance in a theater!

Check out our highlight reel from our “Age of Rock” Cabaret below!

CircusLab performing at the AcroSports “Age of Rock” Cabaret

CircusLab performing at the AcroSports “Age of Rock” Cabaret

CircusLab Action Shot 2.JPG

If you’ve already seen our CircusLab troupe perform, you know they are a group talented acrobats and amazing performers, but every new performance they reach higher and have more creative input. During practice Nancy Kate said, “Every time I give CircusLab a scene from the show they match it with more ideas and come up with new creative concepts. Adolescent minds are great in that way - they have the freedom to think like children while wanting to relate to adulthood.”

Mackenzie Pike, our dance coach for CircusLab said, “Shel Silverstein is a perfect theme for this group. We’ve added more dance to this performance, which I’m excited the troupe will get to show off.”

Please join us in supporting our talented youth artists perform in a beautiful space in San Francisco! Grab your tickets today!

Concrete ends postcard FRONT.jpg

Want to join CircusLab?

Auditions will be held this Summer! Any questions, contact Performance Director, Nancy Kate.

Outdoor Parkour Training with coach Louka, Elijah, and Jesper!

“My name is Louka Peterson, I am 15 years old and I have been training at Acrosports for about three years. 

Training outside is a feeling like no other, requiring much more patience, confidence, and trust in yourself. 

What inspires my parkour practice is the community and the people I get to meet and hangout with, as well as meet extremely talented people. 

My goals for 2019 are to bring all my in-gym skills outdoors as well as filming and editing more videos. 

My advice for those getting into acrobatics are to go for it and not hold back and try it. It’s a journey of progress and accomplishments.”