Detailed Class Descriptions

Aerial Arts

The Aerial Arts class introduces students to a variety of aerial apparatus including static and spinning trapeze, aerial rope, Spanish web, aerial straps Lyra (hoop), hammock and aerial tissu. Students will focus on developing strength, control, and awareness as well as flexibility, grace, in addition to a basic trick vocabulary.



Beginning and advanced level students alike will learn the fundamentals of breakdancing, including freezes, and power moves from champion b-boys.



Parkour is a physical discipline inspired by human movement. It focuses on uninterrupted, efficient forward motion over, under, around and through obstacles in one's environment. The goal is to adapt one’s movement to any given obstacle through proper landing, running, jumping, climbing on, over and around obstacles, as well as safe spotting and training techniques.



Adult Tumbling Prerequisites and Descriptions

Beginning Tumbling

This class will primarily focus on introducing basic tumbling skills such as; Forward/Backward Rolls, Handstands, Cartwheels, and Round Offs. We will also introduce drills and progressions to learn Front/Back Handsprings and Front/Back Saltos with the assistance of trampolines, safety equipment, and spotting.

No previous experience necessary, but some Conditioning classes are highly recommended before attending a Tumbling class.

Intermediate Tumbling

This class will primarily focus on taking beginning level skills to the floor without the assistance of mats as well as drills for learning to connect prerequisite skills.

Must be comfortable performing Front/Back Handsprings without a spot. Can be into the pit, on a trampoline, or off a panel/incline mat.

Must be comfortable performing Front/Back Saltos without a spot. Can be into the pit, on a trampoline, or off a panel/incline mat.

Advanced Tumbling

This class will primarily focus on high level connected tumbling skills and drills for learning to perform twisting and double saltos.

Must be comfortable performing connected tumbling skills, such as;

  • Round Off-Back Handspring
  • Round Off-Back Tuck
  • Front Handspring-Dive Roll
  • Front Handspring- Front Tuck

*All tumbling classes will utilize the tumble track, trampoline, and mini-tramp to help build aerial awareness and body control. Some examples of these drills are;

Straight/Tuck/Straddle Jumps, Full Turns, Seat/Stomach/Back Drops,  as well as a combination of twisting while performing Seat/Stomach/Back Drops.

Full Body Conditioning - All Levels Welcome

Our  Adult Strength & Conditioning program combines gymnastics, weightlifting movements, and metabolic conditioning to get you fit and lean. Students learn basic tumbling as well as squatting, pressing and deadlifting. Conditioning classes are suitable for all fitness levels as intensity and load can be modified for each individual and no two workouts are ever the same!

Handbalancing & Flexibility

Taught by Master Instructor Serchmaa Byamba

This intensive class is centered around flexibility and strength. The movements in this class are derived from contortion, dance, and acrobatic training.. Skills taught include handstands, flexibility, stretching techniques and contortion. You do not need to be a contortionist to attend. these techniques are valuable to all athletes, dancers, gymnasts, skaters, cheerleaders and anyone else wanting to achieve a more flexible physique.


Taught by Master Instructor Serchmaa Byamba

Gain muscle flexibility with persistent training. This flexibility class will teach you how to push the limits and allow for a more in depth understanding of how to execute advanced poses in proper alignment. Instructors will assist with building beginner level flexibility and strength with progressing focus on extending your flexibility and stamina to hold through poses. Instruction may include aiming for oversplits, toes to head, more back curvature, and forward bends. The safe and gradual development of strong, balanced flexibility is always a top priority.

Open Gym

Monday & Wednesday- 7:30-9pm.

Come to AcroSports for supervised open training workouts on the floor, tumblestrip, TumbleTrak, and trampoline. Must have basic tumbling knowledge with approval of onsite staff.