What Happens in CircusLab?

As auditions approach (the application is due this Wednesday, May 17th), we wanted to share with you what our CircusLab and Performance Program is all about. While our students work on multiple circus disciplines throughout the year, we wanted to highlight some things that we feel are particularly special to this group and our gym. If your child is interested in auditioning, and has knowledge in any of these areas (or other circus disciplines), we would love to have them join us!


From our boys and girls gymnastics, parkour, and throughout our other classes, tumbling is a big part of what we do here at AcroSports.  The goal through our classes is to provide them with a plethora of skills that they can use as performers. With our specialty equipment like our sprung floor, Tumbl Trak, rod floor, trampoline, and foam pit - our space lets our tumblers thrive and safely develop new skills.  Through the tumbling focused act creation class in CircusLab, students create their own piece incorporating the tumbling passes that they've been working on.


Like tumbling, contortion is its very own act creation class. We're so grateful to have Contortion Master Artist Serchmaa Byamba coaching our girls. She works with them not only on technique and their skills, but also choreographs the pieces they perform in our Youth Arts Showcases.  Of course, contortion is something that must be practiced with proper technique and safety, so there is great importance to have the right coach for this class. It's amazing to see how their strength and flexibility has grown through her watchful eye.


All of our circus arts offered in our youth program are geared towards performance.  Our Tier 3/4 aerialists get to participate in group acts in our Youth Arts Showcase, our aerial act creation class allows our students to create pieces as an individual. 

Physical Comedy and Clown:

From slapstick to partner acrobatics, what students learn through physical comedy and clowning helps to enhance all of their performances (and makes it hilarious for all of us to watch). Hannah (our Performance Program Manager) has an MFA in ensemble-based physical theatre from Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre, which makes her the perfect coach for these young clowns. As a clown and physical comedian herself (which we hope you've all seen in our cabarets), Hannah's energy, investment, and attention to detail really motivates her students and guarantees a great performance.

Act creation:

As this ensemble rehearses, they learn how to receive constructive criticism, work with and depend on others, and begin to process how the audience will view what they're doing. They have to be very specific, exaggerated, and expressive with their movements to really get their story across.  The clip below is our students preparing for their show, Distance of the Moon they performed this past weekend.


This year, our CircusLab ensemble were able to create and perform their very own show "Distance of the Moon". This original circus show was about a time when the Moon was very, very close to Earth. 

Find out more information on auditions, and apply here.