AcroTales Contest Results!

We received so many wonderful submissions for our AcroTales contest - thank you to all who turned in their stories!  In addition to announcing our winner at the Youth Arts Showcase, we wanted to give you a chance to read the story yourself and highlight another tale that was submitted. 

Honorable Mention:

Title: Out the Window

Author: Anna Sider - Level 3 Gymnast

Age: 9

A while back, an alien came to AcroSports. I can tell you the whole story because I was there. Here is what happened.

I was hanging on the tall metal bar that is always too slippery to hang on, strapped on so I could do long swings. Almost at the exact same moment I was about to get on the bar, there was a very odd, and slightly bubbly noise coming up from the stair case closest to me.

The noise continued to come, burbling up from the stair case. Bing-gurgle-bong it went.  Bing-gurgle-bong. Suddenly, a human-like figure came up from the stair case, not green but a pale doughy color, a bit like the color you get from mixing flour and water, with no face, just a dent in the middle of the head, where the face should be.

Everyone froze. "Run!" Someone yelled.  There was no need, they were already running.

As you know, I was stuck, strapped on the bar this whole time, so I had an excellent view of what happened next.

The alien lifted up and onto the east high bar. Gracefully it swung, slowly, slowly, slowly up, performing a handstand, then falling. Up, over, down, round and round, faster and faster.

Now, this alien had not turned towards me this whole time, but now the head turned. It was as blank as a starless sky, but it still sent a shiver down my spine. One more slow second passed. It let go. Flying out the window, out, out, out, into nothingness.

I watched it go, and I'll never know where it landed, but I have never seen it since.

The End


Title: Crash Course!

Author: Amelia Monfiglio - Level 4 Gymnast

Age: 11

As Galactigo's spaceship was hit by a meteorite, he flew off course towards his home. He desperately tried to steer his spaceship the other way back home but the controls weren't there anymore. The meteorite had shook them so hard that they flew off and now were floating around the spaceship. His computer robot told him that they were heading to a place called Earth. Galactigo groaned, "Ugh. Does that mean that I have to talk to them?" The computer robot laughed shortly, "Yes, Galactigo that is exactly what it means."

Back at AcroSports people were doing what they usually did.  People tumbled across the floor, jumped on the Tumbl Trak, jumped on and off the vault and did backhip circles on the bars. No one was expecting any surprises on this calm, casual evening. Then out the sky a big rumbling sound started. It got louder and louder until CRASH! Galactigo's ship broke through the ceiling and landed in the middle of the floor. The people in AcroSports gasped at the high tech spaceship equipped with plasma rockets and incredible computers and controls on the inside.  Besides the missing levers to steer him back, Galactigo's ship was intact from crashing through the ceiling. Galactigo stepped out of the spaceship.

In a raspy voice he croaked, "Hello. I come in peace."  Everyone in the gym stared at him.  It was no surprise since he was a tall green creature with eight arms and three eyes. He put on a big smile revealing crooked teeth.  

Finally someone spoke up and asked, "Why are you here?" Another asked, "Where did you come from?" Yet another asked, "What is your name?" People peppered him with questions.

He stood there patiently waiting for all the questions to be asked and finally started "My name is Galactigo.  I come from the planet Purpurattle. I am here because my spaceship was thrown off course after my controls broke and I need help repairing it.  Would any of you like to help me?"

Many were afraid to raise their hands at first but as soon as one person did, the whole gym had raised their hands to lend Galactigo some help. "First, I need something to fix my controls, something to replace them perhaps? Someone shouted out, "What about a juggling ball? Could that go in the place of the controls?" Galactigo smiled again and said, "That would fit quite nicely actually.  Next, something to fix my seat.  It was quite hard after that big crash." Someone was already on it.  "Here's a piece of foam so that you can replace the cushion."

Galactigo kept shouting orders and the teachers and students kept helping him. Soon his spaceship was ready to leave with some new mats in it and some circus items to fix the inside, he thanked everyone and waved goodbye. "Farewell fellow earthlings! I am off to find another adventure. They waved goodbye and Galactigo was off!

The End