We're Not Turning Into Our Coaches...

By Molly Pukstas

Or are we? There are so many times when I'm out in the gym and words come shooting out of my mouth that are directly from my former coach. It's been 8 years since I made the transition from student to coach, but these phrases are somehow still stuck in my brain. Thankfully, I've dropped some (I've yet to shout "stop picking your Melvin!"), but cheesy ones like "rotate motate" are now fully ingrained into my coach vernacular.

I had a feeling others share similar vivid memories, so I reached out to my fellow AcroStaffers to see what coach quotes they remembered.  With many different athletic backgrounds, their responses were quite varied. To make things even more exciting/embarrassing I also asked them to include photos of themselves of back when they were students. 

There's the inspirational quotes:

"If you're making a different mistake each time, you're still making progress." (Alexa)

"Most of it is in your head. If you breathe and try not to think too much you'll do a lot better." (Julz)

"Think about doing well for yourself, not about whether or not you're doing as well as the others." (Julz)

The ones that contain just the right amount of sass:

"Close doesn't count!" (Tonya)

"FINE, break your neck, but at least point your toes in the process." (Alexa)

"We could drive a truck through your legs!" (Malia)

The quotes that make us glad we work in a recreational gym:

"What? 90 lbs! Piggy piggy piggy!" (Jenee)

"Smile at the judges!" (Alexa)

"Don't let that one tenth cost you!" (Alexa)

Just yelling:



"Shape up!" (Johnny)


"Hit harder!" (Johnny)

"Smash that ruck!" (Johnny)


The wise and hilarious:

"Pinch the penny!" (Michelle D)

"When you jump, I want you to use your legs." (Armando)

"Be nice to your knees! They're useful." (Julz)

Now as coaches we have to keep in mind that we're the ones making impressions on kids. It's scary knowing that there may be some kid out there with our quotes in their heads for years (but also exciting).

If you hear something our coaches have said, and you want to share, you can always contribute to #OverheardatAcro over on our twitter!