Patti's Farewell and Thank You

I think that for most of us that work at AcroSports the major benefit to being an employee is the ability to interact with it’s diverse and talented community. I have coached classes and run two of the programs, but I’ve also been a adult student. My kids have been campers and attended parties here, and this spring AcroSports' offsite program will be teaching classes at my kids’ school. I’ve formed valuable friendships with my some of my co­workers and been inspired by the dedication of those around me.

The choice to phase out my management role and change my professional focus has been a hard decision, but there are a few things that have made it easier. First, the AcroSports community isn’t going anywhere and I’m still a part of it. Whether I’m in the bleachers watching my kids tumble, coaching a class on Sunday morning, or volunteering at the door for the Halloween Haunt, I’m still going to be around. Second, I’m leaving my programs in the hands of a very talented, dedicated and capable person. I feel good about Coach Mick taking over as Camp and Event manager because I know he’s going to be great!

As I transition out of my role as camp manager, I’d like to share a short list of things I’ve learned about circus arts while working at AcroSports.

1. Circus is a community. When I plan the camp programming I always have community building on my mind. It’s why all of our games are inclusive and it’s why we play them every day. It’s also why we create a show every single week. Kids come to AcroSports and they learn, play, and grow their community.

2. Practicing circus arts teaches the growth mindset. Growth mindset is the idea that individual potential can be reached through dedication and hard work and that person’s natural aptitude is only a starting point for later success. With this in mind, anyone can learn to do circus tricks. If you want to learn handstands and you establish a dedicated practice then you will develop and improve your ability to perform a handstand. Personal accountability, self discipline, and resilience are just a few of the life skills that you develop while engaging in a study of circus.

3. Circus is fun! Heaps and heaps of fun. I love my juggling practice now as much as I did when I first started juggling so many many years ago. And I still feel like I have so many tricks that I could learn. I think circus is one of those activities where you can always push your boundaries, learn new things, meet like minded people and enjoy your self. There is a venue for everyone in circus arts. You just gotta find and live it.

Thank you so much to AcroSports for offering all the great programming and for having me on board for so many years. I’ll be seeing you all in the bleachers!