An Interview with Tonya White, Youth and Adult Program Manager

After an impressive 12 years at AcroSports, Tonya has decided to step down from her position as Youth and Adult Program Manager. We sat down and talked about what the future holds, and what her time at AcroSports has meant to her. And don't worry! She will still be here regularly, coaching youth gymnastics.

How will you feel about not being in the office anymore?

I have no idea! I do feel like the programs are being left in very capable hands - the management team is strong. I'll still be around coaching, so of course I'll come into the office and say hi. Ultimately, I know that this is the right time for me to transition.

What are you going to be doing instead?

I am essentially going to be operations for Carl's existing business. He's the ideas guy and I am very much about the process. He is a former gymnast as well and moved to San Francisco from Spain to finish his Environmental Science degree in 2004. His interests shifted from marine biology to movement and through the Crossfit platform he’s been able to reach a lot of people around the world. Currently, Carl gives seminars about movement and helps people actualize their potential. He had a New York Times bestseller called “Freestyle” and now we’re figuring out what comes next! He's given 500 seminars in the past, and we're looking to develop a new seminar with what he's presently interested in, and figuring out how we can take his current audience and make it grow. In the beginning, I think my role will be laying groundwork and strategic planning for how we move forward. We’re both very much interested in helping people in our own ways.



What does AcroSports mean to you?

Growth and adaptability are the first things that came to mind. Over my 12 years at AcroSports I’ve seen and influenced a lot of changes and it’s always with the best interest of the community and the people we serve in mind. I also met my husband and daughter, whom we adopted in February of this year, at AcroSports so it’s an extra special place for me. AcroSports is an extended family to me and I will miss being involved in it in the way that I have, but I look forward to continuing to coach and watch the organization grow.