AcroSports is a 501(c)(3)non-profit organization dedicated to serving our community through the physical, performing, and circus arts.


AcroSports is a Bay Area non-profit institution founded in 1993. In 2018, AcroSports celebrated 25 years of service to the Bay Area community.

  • Our gymnastics, circus and urban arts classes serve over 2,500 students per week in our 10,000 square foot facility as well as in our offsite and community outreach programs.

  • “Safety First!” All of our coaches are certified in CPR and first-aid.

  • We are a certified member of USA Gymnastics.

We are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, staffed by professionals, and supported by parents, students, and friends. AcroSports is determined to offer the best coaching staff by attracting and training talented individuals in acrobatics, gymnastics, dance, and the circus arts. We are committed to working safely, appropriately, and effectively with each of our students.

AcroSports reaches out to the community, working with schools, various city programs, and other non-profit organizations. AcroSports serves over 2,500 children and adults each week in ongoing programs both onsite and offsite for students of all levels of experience and abilities.

We are committed to providing the AcroSports experience to students of all socio-economic backgrounds by offering scholarships and tuition assistance to those who qualify.

Please stop by and visit this unique facility, or give us a call at 415-665-2276 to learn more about our wide range of programs.


Board of Directors Pictured left to right:

Jake McGoldrick (Board Member), Peter Van der Sterre (Treasurer), Dorrie Huntington (Executive Director), Dan Fitting (Board President), Mark St. Peter (Board Member), Jennifer Niles (Secretary), Larry Rosenberg (Board Member)


Safety First: We believe that all injuries are preventable and strive for safety perfection. Our work and AcroSports’s success depends on the wellbeing of our staff and the students we serve.

Staff: Our greatest asset and strength of the organization, and the catalyst of our success.

Quality: We offer quality, economical services to the people we serve, teaching skills that are both challenging and fun.

Leadership: We cultivate our staff through training opportunities by empowering them to own and grow within the organization.

Commitment: We commit ourselves to serving our community in a safe, positive environment by offering activities that encourage teamwork, build strengths and self-esteem, and enhance life’s experience.

Passion: We put our hearts and minds in our work, our lives, and the success of AcroSports every day.

Diversity: We honor the uniqueness of each staff member and embrace diverse backgrounds, values and points of view to build a strong, inclusive community.

Respect/Trust: We create an environment of mutual respect and trust for our community of parents, students and partners.

Consensus/Shared decision making: We practice the principles of inclusion, open-mindedness, understanding, and collaboration when making decisions that are for the good of the whole organization.

Effective Communication: We practice open, honest and clear communication in our work which lays the foundation for building trust and a supportive team.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: We encourage innovative thought, spirited debate, and intelligent risk taking.


"Congratulations on ten years of engaging and empowering youth and adults through acrobatics, dance, gymnastics and the circus arts. You challenge us to literally leap beyond our potential by providing a safe and positive environment. By reaching out to diverse communities, you remind us that self-esteem, laughter, and teamwork knows no boundaries."

- MARK LENO, Assemblyman, 13th District, May 18, 2003


WHEREAS, For the past ten years, AcroSports has provided training for children and adults alike in physical, performance and circus arts; and

WHEREAS, AcroSports has grown from the dreams of one person, Dorrie Huntington, to become a program which has served the needs of over 10,000 students: and

WHEREAS, AcroSports supports outreach activity in the community that includes offering free on and off-site physical recreation programs to children in need, and;

WHEREAS, AcroSports dedicates twelve percent of its organizational budget to offsetting tuition costs for students who need financial assistance, now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That the Board of Supervisors does hereby declare May 18, 2003 AcroSports Day.

Jake McGoldrick, District 1