A non-profit center for gymnastics, acrobatics and circus arts.

AcroSports is a non-profit center for gymnastics, acrobatics and circus arts based in Inner Sunset in San Francisco, CA.

What to Expect the Day of Your Party

Check in: Please check in at the Office on the second floor of the building 15 minutes before the start of your party.  Please bring your food, beverages, and other items to the office and our office staff will load your party items into the room and assist you with setting up for your party.

All parties start in the bleachers: All of your guests will be directed to meet in the bleachers on the third floor of the building. Our party coaches will greet your party and lead your guests to the Main Floor of the gym at the appropriate time.

Safety Speech: Each party begins with a brief safety speech outlining the guidelines for the party.

Play time:  Free Play will last for 1 hour or 1 hour and 15 minutes depending on your party package.  Your two party features (bungee, zipline, fast track or group games) will be offered during free play. Coaches will facilitate the completion of your free play and the transition to the party room for cake.

Cake Time: Depending on your party package, you will have 40 or 45 minutes to enjoy your snacks and cake in the party room. The party room offers two dining tables (8’ long) and a serving table. There is a sink and tap in the room and a bathroom located just across the hallway.

Dine and Dash: Our friendly office staff will notify you when you are ten minutes from the end of your time in the party room. Once your time in the room completes, we will take care of cleaning up so that you can grab your stuff and go.

You need to bring:

Food, Beverages, Candles, Matches and a Knife to cut the cake.

What to wear:

Guests should wear appropriate gym attire: leggings and t-shirts, leotards, or sweatpants. Children wearing dresses or skirts should also wear leggings or footless tights.

For all queries, please contact Patti Wells.

AcroSports, 639 Frederick St, San Francisco, CA 94117