A non-profit center for gymnastics, acrobatics and circus arts.

AcroSports is a non-profit center for gymnastics, acrobatics and circus arts based in Inner Sunset in San Francisco, CA.

Fall Session 2016 - Filled Classes Ahead of Open Registration

Below is a list of classes that have already been filled and have a waitlist. If the class has a waitlist of 4 or more, it is unlikely that you will be able to get into our program this Session, however, if you wish to enroll your child in a different class that has space, we are happy to accommodate you and this will guarantee your inclusion in Priority Registration for the Winter Session.


TinyTots II Sat 9:30
TR Sat 9:30
TR Sun 9:00
Tumblers Tues 4:00
Tumblers Wed 4:30
Tumblers Sat 9:30
Tumblers Sat 10:30

Girls Beg Gym
Monday 4
Tues 3:30
Tues 4:30
Fri 5pm

Girls Gym Level 1
Mon 3:30
Tues 4
Wed 3:30
Thurs 4
Fri 3:30
Sat 9:30

All Girls Gym Level 2 Classes are Full

Boys Beg Gym
Fri 4pm

Aerial Tier 1

Tues 4
Aerial Tier 2

Tues 5

Mon 4 Beg 6-8
Wed 4 Beg 6-8
Fri 5 Beg 9-12
Tue 4 Inter 6-9
Tues 5:30 Inter 10+
Wed 4 Inter 10+

Trampoline Beg/Inter

Tue 5:30

Tumbling Level 1

Tue 4

AcroSports, 639 Frederick St, San Francisco, CA 94117